Cool Christmas Presents Part 1 – Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History Overview

Hey guys! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I know I said I was shutting down the blog until January 4th, 2019, but, I got some really cool Christmas presents yesterday, and there are two in particular that I’d like to talk about. As you can see from the title, this is going to be part 1, and part 2 will come out a little later. Right now, let’s dive into the very cool book that I got.

Power Rangers - The Ultimate Visual History

Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History is a reference book that delves into the 34 year production history of the Power Rangers franchise. I said 34 years, because even the show has only been on the air for a little over 25 years, the first chapter of the book covers the nine years that Haim Saban shopped the concept of producing a show using footage from Super Sentai around. Including the process he had to go through with Toei in order to get the footage from Super Sentai. Which is something that the bonus features on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series glosses over. The first chapter also covers production on the original pilot for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Which is really cool, because you don’t really hear people talking about it when they’re talking about Power Rangers’s production history.

The Star Trek and Star Wars franchises have had books like this out for years, and in many different forms, spanning many decades. I have two books that cover all of Star Trek’s production history, to a certain point, through all of the TV shows and movies, and two books that focus solely on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Star Wars franchise has a lot of books about the making of each of the films in the saga. And of course both DC and Marvel have had books on the histories of their respective companies, as well as history books for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. But, up until now the only resources Power Rangers fans have had are the Power Rangers wiki, interviews with the casts on various YouTube channels, convention Q&A panels, and the DVD sets which are light on information on the later seasons at least in terms of the writing and development of each season. Which is all fine, but there has never really been a central place to find that information for Power Rangers as there has been for other franchises.

Until now, with this book. The book was actually supposed to come out two years ago, but it was delayed a year so that the 2017 feature film, Power Rangers could be included. But then it was delayed again until this year, probably because this year is the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, and they wanted to include a little bit of information on that, as well as pictures from “Dimensions in Danger” which was the 25th anniversary episode from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Which makes it complete in terms of the first 25 years of the franchise and everything going on with it.

Not only does it talk about the show, but it also talks about the toys, video games, comics, and other merchandise. In the Star Trek books I have where they cover the franchise as a whole, they have margins/sidebars to talk about the merchandise, including comic books, video games, and toys, or they cover it within the main text. With this book, they have these little fold out sections that are attached to specific pages, that delve into the merchandise.

There are so many pictures in this book! I mean by the title, I thought it would light on words and more heavy on the pictures. But there’s so much information, concept sketches for the sets built for Power Rangers like the Command Center, Lord Zedd’s Chamber of Command, and many other Ranger bases and villain lairs that have been on the show and in the movies over the years, plus replicas of call sheets, and other production items from 25 years of Power Rangers history.

I would definitely recommend this book to all Power Rangers fans, especially the ones who are also interest in Television production and film production in general. It’s a treasure trove of information that I’ve never seen anywhere else. There’s also the information covered in all the sources I’ve mentioned, and the Bibliography in the back of the book lists all of these sources as well. It’s super expensive though. I was just lucky that my grandparents were able to get it for me online. But it’s definitely a good book to have as a resource if you’re reviewing Power Rangers at all. Especially if you’re covering the production side of things.

Okay, so that’s part one finished, and I will be back with part 2 in a little while. So until then I will talk to you all later.


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