The Review Basement in 2019!

Hey everyone! I’m back again with one more post. This time I’m going to talk about the plans I have for The Review Basement in 2019, which starts in less than a week. So let’s get right into it.

It’s been nearly four years since I started this blog as the Geek Outpost. When I started I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with the blog or how long I would be able to keep it going with what little I had on DVD (I didn’t have any Blu-rays yet) and the number of comic books that I had. Especially since I was planning on posting once a week and I wasn’t really planning on reviewing brand new movies as I saw them in theatres. I figured I had enough material to keep the blog going for a maximum of three years. It’s now been close to four years since I started the blog, and I’ve got plenty of material to keep the blog going for another ten years if I play my cards right. Which leads into my plan for 2019.

For the first part of the year, I’m going to focus on movies and TV shows that I owned on VHS that I now have on DVD, on Blu-ray or digitally. There will be some overlap with reviews that I’ve already done, but I love this material so I am always up for talking about Star Trek: The Next GenerationMighty Morphin Power RangersStar Wars, and Disney movies, so fair warning I will be revisiting movies I’ve already reviewed on the blog. I’m also going to take a look at the single issue comic books that I owned as a kid too, so that should give you an idea of what I’m going to be focusing on in 2019.

Otherwise I’m only going to post things once a week, on Fridays. I’ve been able to manage three times a week, but I really only need to review one thing in a week and I rarely have appointments on Fridays, so I won’t have to rearrange the schedule very often to accomodate them. That schedule is also going to be flexible because obviously I won’t always be going to see a new movie on Thursday nights to review the next morning, so I’ll modify things as I go along. There’s lots more to come here in the Review Basement in 2019 so stick around and have fun. Until next time have a great rest of the holidays and I will see you all in the New Year. Take care!


Author: J.C.

I'm an aspiring, Canadian, writer.

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