The Plan for the Review Basement in 2019

Hey guys! It’s Saturday! I’m not too busy right now so I thought I’d come on here and talk about my plan for the blog in 2019. I’ve talked a little bit about it in earlier posts, particularly yesterday’s VHS Reviews post. I hope you enjoyed that post. I realize it wasn’t quite a review, but, given that I don’t have either tape in that series anymore, or if I do, I can’t watch it because I don’t have a VCR, I couldn’t watch the tapes before talking about them. I just wanted to give you an idea of what exactly I’m going to be doing in terms of the movie and TV show reviews from now on. So here’s exactly what I’m going to be doing on the blog and why.

So starting about a month or two ago, I began watching the YouTube channel Cinemassacre, the home of AVGN or the Angry Video Game Nerd if you want to use the full name for the show. His real name is James Rolfe, and he has his basement set up like an old video store like Blockbuster and Rogers Video (which is where my family always rented movies from). He calls it Cinemassacre Video, and that’s where he and some friends do a weekly review series called Rental Reviews. On this show they talk about old movies that you would’ve found at the video store on VHS in the ’80s and ’90s. They also share the memories they had of seeing the movie of the week if they’d seen it before. James has also done a few videos in the Cinemassacre video store where he has people over to see the collection and to show it off to the audience as well.

And that got me thinking about the stuff that I review and talk about on here. I realized that it’s too broad. While I don’t have a video store in my basement like James Rolfe does, the vast majority of movies and TV shows that I have on DVD, on Blu-ray, and digitally, as well as those I tend to watch on Netflix, are ones that were on VHS at some point in my lifetime and more than a few that had more than one release on VHS between 1980 and 2005, which was the year that VHS finally died as a major home video format, though a few Disney movies still got VHS releases in 2006 and 2007 as well. Anyway I’ve decided to focus on those movies and TV shows in my collection. Yes, I no longer have those movies and shows on VHS, and there are a few that I didn’t have or rent and didn’t see until I was an adult, but, I still remember watching the ones I did have and the ones I rented on that format in my bedroom or the living room or at the hospital, depending on the year I saw the movie in. That’s not all I’m doing though.

Because I am quite adamant that I’m going to stick to the posting once a week format, I’m only going to be posting a VHS Reviews post once a month. The rest of the time will be dedicated to video games, comic books, and other things from my childhood that I want to talk about. For example, next week I’m going to be looking at Star Wars Insider, the officially licensed magazine for the Star Wars franchise that has been published since 1987 when it was known as The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine, and is still being published to this day. I’ll mostly be talking about the issues that came out in the ’90s and early 2000’s, when I started reading and collecting it, what my favourite issues are from that period, and what my first issue was.

In terms of comic books, I’m going to be focusing on the storylines/trade paperbacks/hardcover collections and single issues I own that were published in the ’90s. “Knightfall”, “The Death of Superman” and “Masques” are all examples of story arcs that I have in trade paperback and hardcover that I’ll be covering on the blog.

As for video games I’m going to focus on all the Nintendo games for the NES, Game Boy Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo 64 that I owned as a kid. As well as a few games that we rented or played when friends brought them over. I might also cover the Xbox games I own as well, but we’ll see how I do talking about the Nintendo games first. The only problem with this approach is that I don’t have any of the games released for the NES or Nintendo 64, so those will mainly be giving my memories of playing them at the time I played them rather than reviews based on playing the games currently. It’s a little easier with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games because I still have all of those and I’m still able to play them on my Game Boy Advance.

Although I did play the original Super Mario Bros. game for the NES last week, on Christmas Day, because my sister got the NES Classic Edition for Christmas and she set it up on my TV so we could play it for a while, and I played the original Mario Kart last year because my brother had brought his Super Nintendo Classic Edition console with him last week. I also still have the Super Nintendo and all of the games for it that I’ve owned for twenty years or more, so I could hook that up and play those if I want to. My priority will be for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games though, just because those are the retro games that are the most accessible to me right now. I’ll do the first three Pokemon games in a single post though, just because they are the exact same game with only minor differences between them.

So basically I’ll have a wider variety of content even though I’m only posting once a week instead of three times a week or every day like I was doing for the majority of last year. That’s all I wanted to say today folks. I’ll be back on Friday with next week’s post, which will be my post on Star Wars Insider like I mentioned before. So until then have a great rest of the weekend and I will talk to you all later. Take care!


Author: J.C.

I'm an aspiring, Canadian, writer.

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